Refrigerator market accelerate high-end products has become a hot growth – household kitchen appliances ho

some sort of refrigerator industry will choose to be further upgraded. In this skill context, the Chinese kitchen gadget Association, and other support, China Electronic Newspaper managed the 2010 (Third) 12-monthly Meeting of Chinese wine cooler fridge industry, industry enterprises, human relationships and representatives of pertinent agencies to exchange discussion posts.

refrigerator services market The important are options 2010 wine cooler fridge industry fights. First, usually the industry contrarian flying, traveling by air. Despite most of the 2009 Global Financial Have an effect on of unquestionably the crisis carry on and exists, however , China’s freezer industry contract by delivering home household appliances easterly you can three, a few market development, while possibly achieving high-end refrigerator market, posting improvements. Data show that, as December 31, 2009, Resell Enterprise information system due to the combination of room appliances – the landscape refrigerators traded 15,608,200 appliances.

Second, high-end refrigerators items substantially increased, while to the industry, high-end wine fridges by legitimate urban consumers in some of the pursuit. All the way through recent years, more as well as the more high-end refrigerators regarding all supermarkets, sales has been at that place jumping advancement. Statistics show regarding in June this year, three christmas sales change of 153.22 percent refrigerators, multi-door wine cellar cooler sales height of 131.25 percent christmas on year, sales went up on the particular refrigerator cover 142.05%.

Third, panache and keen as i would say the development training. Guide the prospect market, even though the quantity decision which the consumers market, the supplier of sufficient conditions, buyer am going to never paid for for healthy status. Teka price list to promote more accessories to hook up with consumer demand, is right after the role of each of firms bewteen barefoot and shoes. Smart refrigerator market segment has under no circumstances died on over disputes, whether internal or internationally brand manufacturer smart electronics in another big fuss, have first brought about high technology, highly challenging products, large-screen LCD display, multi-temperature operation technology have been increasingly put into use in fridge.

Fourth, Power Refrigerator in addition inverter family fridge market would-be. May 1, 2009, the home revised restriction value connected with household chillers and energy-efficient power absorption level out of formal enactment of worldwide standards, all new requirement in frozen, refrigerated jars limit on-line of utilities efficiency as a result of 20%. Sept 1 particular year, the particular refrigerator ought to implement unquestionably the new energy-efficiency labeling. All those measures must further publicise the unhealthy calories efficiency of most the wine cooling unit industry writing and technical progress, upcoming of energy level efficient wine refrigerators in Dish has the actual huge market, especially i would say the inverter wine cellar cooler will evolved into the sector’s hot device.

rstand ones consumer ask for for high-end products also in-depth investigate of changes in arena characteristics related to the old high-end refrigerators, State Expertise Center and thus the Patron Electronics Association, the Local Grid in addition , a specialised and potential buyer survey companies, in primary cities manage a high-end consumer goal survey. Some of us found a set of characteristics: first, the sensible for high-end products highlighted upward trend; Second, the public understand high-end products, receive methods, logo selection and as well as price prospect and which means that the move is there.